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3.6kWh Portable Off-Grid/Grid-Tied Solar Powered Trailer

Be sure to keep checking back! We will be posting progress pictures with each stage we reach!

The newest addition to our team will be getting a massive overhaul in the coming months! Once complete, this will not only serve as our work trailer but will also be outfitted with a 3.6~kWh off-grid solar system with grid-tie ability one or more 6,000W inverter system! What does this mean?

Well for off-grid:

  • we will use it for power on our job sites

  • power events where typical power is not an option

  • use it as a mobile charging station

  • provide emergency power

  • power lighting in remote areas

Being grid-tie capable:​

  • it can simply plug into a home or business to offset electricity usage

  • power a home in the event of an electrical outage ie. for backup power as a UPS

  • where electricity rates are higher at night time you can store the solar energy in the batteries during the day and draw from them at night

The inverter size is directly related to the amount of power you can use at the same time. For comparison, a typical fridge in your house uses about 450W, your desktop computer uses about 400W, and an LED TV uses about 50W. So, you can see by contrast the amount of devices that are able to run with this single inverter.

During it's downtime the trailer will be parked at various businesses or other popular hot spots around town. In exchange for the parking space, we will plug the trailer into an outlet at the site to feed electricity back into the buildings. We get advertising, they get a reduced electrical bill! Win-win situations are always great!

So keep your eyes out for this in the near future. You won't miss it. It will also make for a great educational device to help people learn and understand how solar works and the differences between an off-grid system and a grid-tied system.

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