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Giving you power where you need it, this particular item has 130Amps/1560Watts of usable power via a Trojan Solar Deep Cycle battery. If the solar panel is plugged in and charging the battery at the same time you're drawing from it, this will increase the usable power available. 

The uses for this power box are virtually endless. Most common applications are: 
Ice Fishing Shacks 
Road Trips 
Water Pumps 
Lighting Sheds Without Power 
Emergency Backup When Power Goes Out 
Running Small Tools 
Charging Station 
Traeger BBQ While Camping 

Being able to use power and charge at the same time owes its thanks to the MPPT charge controller which is by far the preferred choice in all charging applications. This make of charge controller produces upwards of 60% higher efficiency than a traditional PWM charge controller. The cable used to plug the solar panel into the solar box is 20' long and is equipped with special connections so reverse polarity is not a concern. And of course, this cable is included. Hook-ups mounted on the outside of the box are where your power connections are. There are 3-12 volt DC socket plugs and 2-110 volt AC oulets.The 12V sockets are each on their own fused 20 amp circuit so you can run heavy duty loads. Such as a 12 coffee maker, food warmer, and anything else that would cause your traditional lighter socket plug to blow its fuse. See the list below for what can be powered and for how long. 

The main solar box itself is comprised of: 
1-Trojan 12 volt SCS225 Deep Cycle Battery 
1-Phocos MPPT Charge Controller 
1-1500 Watt Eliminator Power Inverter for 110V AC Power with 2-110V Outlets, 1-USB Charging Port 
1-2 Amp Eliminator Trickle Charger for Storage or Cloudy Days for Backup Charging 
3-12 volt Lighter Socket Plugs Each on a 20 Amp Circuit 
1-Digital Voltage Gauge for Battery Levels 
1-20' Charging Cable 

This unit also comes equipped with a Canadian Solar 250 watt solar panel so you can just pack up and go without having to purchase any other components. There are 3 ways to charge this unit. The times to fully charge the battery depend on which method is used: 

250 W Solar Panel - 6 hours 
2 Amp Trickle Charger - 65 Hours 
Booster Cables From Vehicle - 1-10 Hours Depending on Alternator Size 
Note - These figures are from a battery that has been completely discharged. Solar batteries can handle a full discharge but are not recommended too often. Doing so can shorten the life of the battery. 

This package comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. No warranty shall be provided on mis-used components, physical damage caused by abuse, or damage to components due to neglect or improper storage. 

We offer many variations to this set up: more power, more storage, more outlets, DC only, AC only, and any other combination you can think of. Some units can be built for as little as a few hundred and upwards of a few thousand. 

Component Uses: 
Cell Phone (6 watts) - 260 charges 
Laptop (60 watts) - 26 charges 
Tablet - (10 watts) - 150+ charges 
Camera - (4 watts) - 390 charges 
Mini Fridge (140 watts) - 11 hours 
Car Block Heater - (400 watts) - 3.9 hours 
GoPro (4.5 watts) - 340+ charges 
Radio (40 watts) - 39 hours 
Fan (55 watts) - 28 hours 
LED Lights (30 watts) - 52 hours 
24" LED TV (21 watts) - 74 hours 
PS4/Xbox (100 watts) - 15 hours 
Apple Router (22 watts) - 70 hours 
Apple TV (2 watts) - 780 hours 
Trager Smoker BBQ (50 watts) - 31 hours 
12V Food Warmer (120 watts) - 13 hours 
12V Coffee Maker (110 watts) - 14 hours 

Note: All values based on manufactures specifications or averages based on real life studies.

$1500.00 CAD

Portable Power