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Utility Partnership 

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Paragon Energy has partnered with Spot Power to help Albertan's save on their utilities.   This utility partnership is open to all Alberta residents, whether you have a solar system or not.


Our partnership offers many benefits...

  • competitive rates

  • low administration charges

  • no service disruption

  • risk free service, cancel with only 10 days notice, without penalty

  • discounts for seniors

  • local, Alberta company, with support centers located in Calgary

  • self serve online features

  • choose to use green energy

If you have any questions please contact us. 


Micro-Gen Solar Rates

Solar Customers receive a higher payback on their systems with our Spot Power Partnership.   These rates DO sell out. 


The High Export Rate program is designed for solar micro generators who are exporting more energy to the grid then they are using.  If your system is smaller choose the low export rate and enjoy competitive pricing.  Sign up for the MicroGen Solar Rate in the spring when your system is at optimal production.   When winter comes you can switch rates, to save through the winter with only 10 days notice.  If you have any questions about this program please contact us.  

Join the Solar Club Loyalty Program

High Export Rate



Low Export Rate

Great news for solar customers!  In addition to higher paybacks joining the Solar Club with Spot Power offers more benefits.

  • Switch rates with just 10 days notice; between solar and standard rates, high export or low export, to ensure the best paybacks on your system during the changing seasons.

  • Earn 5% cash back on the energy you are importing for the grid annually.

  •  Help Alberta achieve it's 30% Renewable Goal.   Spot Power will offset 30% of the electricity you import from the grid, free of charge. 

This program is available to all Alberta residents (and Saskatchewan with Alberta utilities) with solar energy systems.   Join the program, with a donation to our local food bank.  

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