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Battery Back Up Systems

Stay connected even when there is no power with battery back up systems from Paragon Energy.    Blackouts can happen anytime of the year, sometimes lasting for hours to days after storms.   These systems can be tied into your existing electrical or with an additional critical load panel, and are generator capable.   


 These systems work WITH or WITHOUT solar!  And offer the flexibility of off grid expansion.  

Install a critical loads panel along with the battery back up to run a selection of 

necessary essentials in your home such as...

  • fridge/freezer

  • sump pump

  • furnace fan

  • well pump

  • lights and outlets in select room (no heavy loads)

  • water heater

When the utilities fail the system will sense the disconnect and automatically begin supplying power to your loads.  

Take into account how long you would want to run on the battery back up, what appliances you want to have power connected too and the size of your electrical panel.  Consider that when going full off grid it may make more economical sense to have large appliances (think dryers) powered by propane or natural gas. 

Systems can be expandable and designed in a way that will allow an upgrade in batteries, adding solar and more. 

We're here to help!    Call 780-872-0224 or email with any questions you have about sizing, products and systems.   

Filament Bulb

Additional components may include

  • Battery Rack holds 4 batteries $500

  • Install-varies by size of package

  • Critical loads panel $900

  • Shipping flat rate across Canada on any package $250

  • All the above packages pair with our RV Solar Packages to stay charged when the sun is shining, but not required for the back up system.   

  • Local permitting may be required, not included in install price.

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