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Edmonton benefits from 2300 hours of sunlight every year.   Does your home have good solar potential?   As qualified installers with both the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) and the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, Paragon Solar Energy can provide you with a system unique to your energy needs and home.    By taking care of the entire process from quoting to install, permits to inspections our customers can ensure their homes are in good hands.   Request a free quote today, detailing your costs, rebate amount, expected production and system design.  Find out more about how to go solar in Edmonton

City of Edmonton residents are eligible to apply for the Canada Greener Homes Loan Program for up to $40,000 with 10 year interest free financing. 

How can I increase my returns?

Paragon Solar Energy has partnered with energy service provider Shared Value Energy to bring our customers better returns on their systems.   Signing up nets our customers a higher return on the solar they are sending back to the grid and competitive winter rates.   Find out more!

The Province of Alberta is aiming to have 30% renewable energy by 2030.   The Solar Club will offset 30% of the electricity you import from the grid free. 

Exclusive rates ONLY for solar customers.  High export rates for the summer, of 30¢/kWh, help you see faster returns from your system.   Switch to a lower winter rate, with only 10 days notice, by phone or online.  

Earn 5% cash back annually on all energy imported from the grid.  

And One More....

Our new partnership with Solar Offset of Alberta allows residents to sell carbon credits they otherwise would have missed out on. Roof and Ground Mount solar systems aren't large enough to sell credits alone, by partnering with Solar Offset microgenerators can sell their carbon offset credits through this unique partnership for up to 10 years of additional revenue from their system.   

This program is open to all Alberta micro-generating customers, who did not receive provincial grants through EEA or another program.   Canada Greener Homes Grant recipients are eligible.   


Solar Offset rebate program

Paragon Solar Energy is proud to design and deliver roof and ground mount solar energy systems from quoting to permits to connection; while also offering RV, DIY, Custom and Off Grid systems for our customers.   As well as Battery Systems to keep the lights on when the grid isn't.


Paragon Solar Energy serves all areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan, is CEIP qualified contractor and a proud member of Solar Energy Society of Alberta.   

City of Edmonton Rebate

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