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How much funding is available?

The City of Edmonton funding program is full!  With over 1200 applications there is now a waiting list for homeowners.  But grants are still available through the Government of Canada Greener Homes Initiative.  Additionally Edmonton homes may apply for financing through the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP).   Paragon is a certified installer with CEIP.

Edmonton benefits from 2300 hours of sunlight every year.   Does your home have good solar potential?   As qualified installers with the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, Paragon can provide you with a system unique to your energy needs and home.    By taking care of the entire process from quoting to install, permits to inspections our customers can ensure their homes are in good hands.   Request a free quote today, detailing your costs, rebate amount, expected production and system design.  Find out more about how to go solar in Edmonton

How can I increase my returns?

Through a partnership with Alberta based Spot Power, Edmonton residents are eligible for a higher payback on their solar production.   Switching to Spot Power offers many benefits including....

The Province of Alberta is aiming to have 30% renewable energy by 2030.   The Solar Club will offset 30% of the electricity you import from the grid free. 

Exclusive rates ONLY for solar customers.  High export rates for the summer, of 18.75¢/kWh, help you see faster returns from your system.   Switch to a lower winter rate, with only 10 days notice, by phone or online.  

Earn 5% cash back annually on all energy imported from the grid.  

City of Edmonton Rebate

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