Going green is now easier and cheaper than ever. With the cost of a solar PV system at an all time low, and the price of electricity constantly rising, it creates the perfect opportunity to invest in something that’s guaranteed to pay you back.

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How Does A Grid-Tied System Work?

how does a grid tie solar system work

1. Solar panels are installed either on your roof or on a ground mount system.

2. The panels collect sunlight and turn it into DC electricity.

3. The DC electricity is then converted into your typical AC electricity found in your house.

4. The inverter then runs to your main electrical panel which distributes power throughout the house.

5. Any power that isn’t used by the house is fed into the main electrical grid and kept track of via a bi-directional meter.

    This meter is provided free of charge and also tracks how much power you use when the array isn’t producing (i.e. at night).

6. The meter is read once a month to record how much you have used from the grid and how much has been exported.

    These savings and credits are shown on your monthly power bill.

residential solar companies

Live Online Monitoring

The health of your system is key to a well performing system and great returns.  Keep track of your system from anywhere, with an easy to use app or website.  Automatically sending you, as well as our office, a message if anything stops working or fails to produce power.   This monitoring is provided for the life of your system, free by our office. 

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In order to give you an accurate estimate we need two things...your annual kWh, found on your utility bill or by calling your provider, and your address.   Rural resident?   Send us Google coordinates.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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