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RV Solar Packages

Not just for RV!   These packages are flexible enough to be used on work trailers, campers, motorhomes, cabins, sheds, garages, tiny houses, farm or outdoor applications.   Shop online.


The freedom to go anywhere!   Take your RV to the next level with an RV Solar Package from Paragon Energy.   

Solar is popular with RV owners for many reasons....

  • No longer reliant on power hook ups, choose your campsite or go off grid

  • Solar panels are quiet and have no moving parts

  • Systems can be sized to your needs.   Decide what you want to run with solar power, if there is enough roof space you can always increase the size later

  • Solar energy systems for RV's can save you money, by not paying extra for campsites with outlets

  • Solar systems &  MPPT controllers are effective on cold and cloudy days as well

What Is Included

  • Solar panel of varying wattage and amounts depending on the size of the system you want

  • Charge controller (regulator) which limits the electric charge fed into or out of the battery, preventing overcharging and extending the lifespan of your system. MPPT Controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking) take the most output from the panels and convert it to a different voltage and current to match the battery.   When the battery is almost discharged this controller will extract more current to make sure your system is working efficiently. 

  • Remote Meter to monitor the status and production of your system. 

  • 25' PV cables (2).  

  • Flat mount brackets.   Tiltable brackets available for an extra charge/panel. 

Paragon also supplies quality batteries, pwm charge controllers, inverters, converters and mounting options.   

Shipping is available for components and local pick up can be arranged in Lloydminster, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver, pending availability.  View our shop.  

Please call for shipping options. 

Charge Controllers

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