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Residential Solar 

Solar is a great investment with many systems making back their full value within 7-10 years.

RV Solar 

Take your camping to the next level with packages designed for the way you camp.   Install available!

Commercial Solar 

Using your roof space to lower your operating costs just makes good sense.   


DIY Solar 

Take on the install yourself.  Custom designed or one size fits all.   

On Farm Solar 

Solar is ideal for your operation on shops or with a ground mount system.


Custom Solar 

Power for a a variety of applications, from gates to sheds to small applications like cameras or pumps. 

Battery back ups work with or without solar and can be expanded to meet future energy goals. 

Battery Back Up

Power your critical loads through unforeseen grid outages.   Built to suit a few hours or a few days or stored power.  

Paragon EnergyWall

Wall mounted 48V batteries that can be combined up to 14 units for tons of storage.   

Sunset on Solar Panels


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