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Have a small space you need occasional power for?   A solar system makes perfect sense for so many uses.   Paragon Solar Energy can supply you with panels and more to power your space, for your unique design.   Have you seen Pinterest?   So many ideas!    From taking your home or cabin fully off grid or having power to gates, sheds and more.   


Financing available OAC.

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off grid solar companies
off grid solar companies

How Does An Off-Grid System Work?

how does an off grid solar system work

1. Solar panels are installed either on your roof or on a ground mount system.

2. The panels collect sunlight and turn it into DC electricity.

3. The DC electricity then goes through a charge controller and into the battery bank.

4. The battery bank is connected to an off-grid inverter.

5. The off-grid inverter then runs to your main electrical panel which distributes power.

6. A back up generator is optional but highly recommended for charging the batteries in the event of prolonged cloudy days or           times when your using more power than normal.


How and where you're planning to go off-grid determines the system size.   If you're more of a power-conscious family, planning a system to suit your needs could be quite simple.  If you prefer to not have to worry about how you're using your power or have some large use appliances, the design will require a bit more work and storage.  Check out our sizing worksheet to help you decide.  

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