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How Do You Pay For Solar?

Solar Energy Systems offer home and business owners great returns; when you request a free quote from Paragon Energy it will also detail the expected payback time of your system. 


















 But there is still the up front costs of having a solar system installed, luckily there are many options for paying these costs...

  • Cash--a popular option among our customers is paying for the system outright.   

  • Canada Greener Homes Loan--access up to $40,000 loan through this federally run program and receive 10 years interest free.   Please follow all steps outlined in the program to ensure you are approved.  Find out more.  

  • In House Financing--Paragon is pleased to partner with FinanceIt to provide our low interest options for financing their systems.    Easily apply online for pre-approval.   Watch for special promotions throughout the year. 

  • Bank Loans--Applying through your bank is also an option.   Many banks such as RBC, ScotiaBank, TD and ATB have Green Energy loan programs that include financing options for solar panel purchases.   Non specific loans are also an option.   When you request your quote from Paragon take it with you to discuss your options with your bank.  Other options may include building the costs into your mortgage or taking out a home equity loan. 

  • CEIP Programming--Newly implemented in counties and cities across Alberta the CEIP program allows property owners to finance their solar energy through their property tax.   With flexible options to sell and transfer the balance with the property or pay out early.  Paragon is a CEIP qualified contractor. Find out more

If you have questions regarding the payment for your solar system give us a call.    We can help guide you through the process!  






Solar Proposal from Paragon Energy
Solar Proposal from Paragon Energy
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