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No more power outages! 
Battery Storage Systems keep power to your critical loads in the event of a grid failure  

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Residential, Commercial,
DIY, RV and On Farm Solar

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Portable Solar For On The Go

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Choosing Paragon Energy

Since 2015 Paragon Solar Energy has been providing a personal experience to our customers, with custom designed systems, no hidden costs and honest up front answers.   In addition to providing....

In depth system design

Lifetime monitoring

turn ke
y systems

trusted local service

Ground Mount Solar Energy System in rural Sakatchewan

Why Should You Invest In Solar?

Decades of research has led to efficient solar panel systems that create electricity without producing global warming pollution. Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun and by installing solar panels on your home, helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. 

Sunlight striking the Earth’s surface in just one hour delivers enough energy to power the world economy for an entire year, making solar one of the only renewable energy sources that can keep up with global demands. It doesn't take many panels to harness some of that to offset your own energy needs. 

Not only will adding a solar PV system to your home increase your property value immediately, but it will also keep some of your hard earned money in your own pockets.

On a larger scale, if more people went solar it would save the economy billions, if not trillions of dollars due to the rising threat of global warming and costs associated with fighting it.

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