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Going Solar In Saskatoon

Getting Started

The City of Saskatoon has an ambitious plan for climate change.   You can read more about it here.   Renewable Energy is a big part of that!   Saskatoon benefits from a vast amount of sunlight every year.   As one of the sunniest provinces in Canada it's an ideal place stick it where the sun DOES shine.   



















Paragon is pleased to offer fully functional systems to homeowners in Saskatoon.   We take care of the entire process from applications, install, inspection and more.  

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Custom Solar Design by Paragon Energy
Custom Solar Design by Paragon Energy

Net Metering Program

What if you could generate your own electricity and get credit for the unused portion from your power utility? SaskPower's Net Metering Program offers you the opportunity to generate your own power through the use of renewable energy technology.

Residents of Saskatoon, with approved environmentally preferred technologies of up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of nominal (nameplate) generating capacity, can deliver their excess electricity to the electrical grid. A bi-directional meter (installed by SaskPower or your local electricity provider) keeps track of the electricity to and from the grid for billing purposes.

How Does It Work?

Electricity sent to the grid is banked and applied to your current month’s electricity consumption at a rate of 7.5 cents per kWh. Any excess electricity is carried over to the following month and applied against that month’s consumption. A credit appears on your monthly bill showing the net amount of electricity that has been banked. Your excess power will be carried over until you move of close your account.   No credits are paid out by SaskPower.   Systems can be sized up to 100 kW of power, to offset a customers own use.  

How Do I Apply?

If you are working with Paragon Energy to complete your project, don't worry!   We will complete all the paperwork for you, so you just have to sign and return to us.  

Saskpower customers can apply for a net metering interconnection to the electrical grid at any time. The first step is to complete the Application for Net Metering and Preliminary Interconnection Study . Print off the form, complete it and send it, along with your payment, to the address listed at the top of the form. Please keep copies of all the information you send to us for your records.

If you're not a SaskPower customer, check with your local electricity provider for details and steps for interconnection.

Installation Process

Once you have completed and sent in the  Application for Net Metering and Preliminary Interconnection Study form, the following steps should be taken to have your net metering system installed:​

  • Obtain the required electrical permits and electrical inspections, including approvals required under the bylaws of the city, town or municipality where the installation occurs;

  • Install your renewable electricity generating equipment, including the energy production meter 

  • Perform other tasks required to comply with SaskPower’s or your local electricity provider’s net metering policies, including the signing of a net metering interconnection agreement; and

  • Once your system has passed the electrical inspection, contact us or your local electricity provider to have the bi-directional meter installed.


Your net metering interconnection to the grid expenses include:

  • Preliminary interconnection study — $315 (GST Included)

  • Bi-directional meter and interconnection cost — $498.75 (GST Included)

    • You only pay this after receiving your quote and interconnection agreement from SaskPower

  • Electrical permit fee — Prices vary and are listed in the permit application

  • Installation, commission and electrical inspection of the environmentally preferred generation system

Credits and Rates

SaskPower credits your excess power at a rate of 7.5 cents per kWh. Power billing is based on kilowatt-hours (kWh). Current standard residential rates are around 14 cents per kWh.

Periodic Reviews

The Net Metering Program is reviewed annually.

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