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Lots of Power Battery System

Keep the power on longer, storage and output easy with this large EnergyWall Battery.  Enough to power your 120V critical loads (a new electrical panel with the furnace, sump pump, well pump, fridge(s)/freezer, Wi-Fi, computer, TV, a light circuit, etc.) for about 24 hours

This battery comes with a 10 year warranty and an expected lifespan of 20 years.  This system can be expanded now or in the future to include up to 15 batteries.  


  • Paragon EnergyWall 48V, 200aH 9.6 kW Lithium Wall Mount Battery

  • 200A Fuse & Holder

  • 48V, 10,000W Pure Sine Inverter with 200A charge controller 

$178/month OAC
or $7670

This pricing does not include install, critical load panel or additional mounting components.    Paragon Energy proudly installs in Goodsoil, Meadow Lake, Battleford, Prince Albert, Unity, Wainwright, Provost, Viking, Vegerville, Cold Lake, Bonnyville and all points in between.    How can we help you on your energy journey?  Call 780-872-0224 to get started.

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