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Alberta is a great place to go solar right now!   Huge amounts of sunlight offers fantastic production with approximately 300 days of sunlight per year. .   


In addition to the Canada Greener Homes Grant, Paragon Energy has partnered with Alberta based energy retailers to help our customers increase the returns on their systems.   

We're local!   We live, work, support and employ local Albertans.  


Cost Savings for Alberta Residents

Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Government of Canada is currently offering the Canada Greener Homes Grant to homeowners wanting to use solar of up to $5,000.   Homes must be inspected by an energy auditor before and after applying for the grant funding.   Booking your home audit now ensures that your solar system is ready to be installed as soon as the snow melts. 

Paragon Energy meets all criteria to ensure you will get the maximum amount of funding by making sure...


  • All equipment must is purchased in Canada, from Canadian distributors.

  • The system is composed of one or more photovoltaic (PV) panels and inverter(s) certified to CSA Standards.

  • The total system peak power capacity will be equal to or greater than 1.0 kW.

Funding is also available to customers wanting to add a battery backup to their solar system.   Grants of $1,000 are available for Resiliency Measures to ensure Canadian homes are well prepared to survive changing conditions. 

Give us a call to get started on your solar journey.   We can provide you with a free quote detailing your system and the potential savings as well as details on how to get your home energy audit started. 


Going Solar In Alberta

How Can I Maximize Returns On My System?

Paragon Energy has partnered with energy service provider Shared Value Energy to bring our customers better returns on their systems.   Signing up nets our customers a higher return on the solar they are sending back to the grid and competitive winter rates.   Find out more!


The Province of Alberta is aiming to have 30% renewable energy by 2030.   The Solar Club will offset 30% of the electricity you import from the grid free. 

Exclusive rates ONLY for solar customers.  High export rates for the summer, help you see faster returns from your system.   Switch to a lower winter rate, with only 10 days notice, by phone or online.  

Earn 5% cash back annually on all energy imported from the grid.  

And One More....

Our new partnership with Solar Offset of Alberta allows residents to sell carbon credits they otherwise would have missed out on.    Roof and Ground Mount solar systems aren't large enough to sell credits alone, by partnering with Solar Offset microgenerators can sell their carbon offset credits through this unique partnership for up to 10 years of additional revenue from their system.   

This program is open to all Alberta micro-generating customers, who did not receive provincial grants through EEA or another program.   Canada Greener Homes Grant recipients are eligible.   


How Do I Go Solar in Alberta? 

Alberta benefits from a huge amount of sunlight, making it one of the best provinces in Canada to stick it where the sun DOES shine.    Solar Energy systems can now we installed as a DIY or by a Solar Installer, such as Paragon Energy, as long as a licensed electrician is doing the work. 

All solar applications require the approval of ATCO, Fortis, and your REA (if applicable)


Eligibility for Micro Generation in Alberta

This program is available for customers with electricity service and properties located in Alberta that meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a renewable energy source

  • Intended to meet the needs of the energy consumption of the home, business or farm

  • Less than 5 megawatts

  • Must be installed on a site owned by the customer

  • Meet municipal requirements and holds applicable permitting

  • Installed by a certified electrical contractor

  • Obtained approval from electric energy retailer and wire owners

  • Pass electrical inspection

When you choose Paragon as your installer we take care of all the approvals and required permitting, allowing you to relax. 

Grants and Funding

Currently there is no incentive from the Alberta Government, for homes, farms or businesses.   Certain municipalities may have their own programs, in which you can pay back the costs of your system through your taxes, these programs are transferable if you sold your property.   Find out if your area is participating here.   Paragon Energy is a CEIP certified installer.   

Give us a call if you have any questions.  



Solar Install in Wainwright Alberta

Solar Install in Wainwright Alberta

Ground Mount Solar Installation in the County of Vermillion River

Ground Mount Solar Installation in the County of Vermillion River

Solar Install in Leduc County

Solar Install in Leduc County

Solar Install in Vermillion Alberta

Solar Install in Vermillion Alberta

Solar Install in Beaumont Alberta

Solar Install in Beaumont Alberta

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