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SPCA Partnership

Here at Paragon Energy, we have many goals. Some relate to helping customers and businesses, others relate to reducing our carbon footprint as a collective body. But we also have a huge soft spot for helping animals. Thus, we began working with the SPCA in an effort to help make a happier and healthier lifestyle for the animals they rescue.

The Purpose...

The purpose of this program is to be able to help the SPCA, via a portion of our profits from every system's sale, so that they can upgrade, repair, or expand their facility or put towards animal care as they see fit. Doing so will allow them to better help the animals in a healthy and great environment or even to take in more if expansion plans start to become more feasible.

Our Goal...

With every system sale we will be donating $200 to the local SPCA. This may not sound like much at first but as our company is growing exponentially every year, simple math will tell you that 25+ system sales per year will result in a total annual donation of $5,000! As we expand more into the future, we would like to one day be able to donate a complete off-grid solar system to get the SPCA facility running entirely on solar! Remember, every sale of a system helps and we have no cap on the total donation amount! Can you help us help them?

To Date...

2018 saw our first donation to the SPCA.   A total of $2400, was given to support the Emergency Medical Fund and care for the animals.   Looking forward to our continued partnership!

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